Union Metal Corporation

P.O. Box 9920
Canton, OH 44711
Contact: Paul Irwin: 330-309-6551 , Ken Grosseviller: 330-458-6111 , Dan Wolfangel: 330-458-5254
Phone: (330) 458-1217
Fax: (330) 456-0628
Website: http://www.unionmetal.com/

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AWS Joint DesignationCompany Procedure NumberRevision NumberMaterial SpecsWelding ProcessApproval DateApprover Name
TC-U4a-GFUM-002-KS1D1.1 Groups I & IIGMAW 7/27/2021 Joel Hernandez
B-L1b-GFUM-003-KS1D1.1 Groups I & IIGMAW 8/3/2021 Joel Hernandez
BTC-P4-GFUM-005-KS1D1.1 Groups I & 2GMAW Company Procedure UM-005-KS will expire Jan. 31 next year 4/1/2019 Joel Hernandez
TC-U4b-GFUM-006-KS1D1.1 GROUPS I,II,III Including weathering steelGMAW 7/14/2020 Joel Hernandez
FilletUM-20511D1.1 Groups I & IIGMAW Company Procedure UM-205 will expire Jan. 31 next year 3/25/2019
B-L 1b-GFUM-2328D1.1 GROUPS I & IIGMAW 7/14/2020 Joel Hernandez
B-U2-GFUM-2378D1.1 GROUPS I,II Including weathering steelGMAW-PULSE TRANSFER 7/14/2020 Joel Hernandez
B-L2c-3UM-7443A572 Gr. 50SAW/GMAW 9/5/2023 Joel Hernandez