Scougal Rubber

885 Denmark Dr
Suite 103
McCarran, Nevada 89434
Contact: Pete Etcheverry
Phone: 775-284-8500
Fax: 775-284-8501

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AWS Joint DesignationCompany Procedure NumberRevision NumberMaterial SpecsWelding ProcessApproval DateApprover Name
FilletSCRWPS-010 1/4"3A709 Gr 36,50GMAW 2/17/2023 Joel Hernandez
FilletSCRWPS-027 3/8" A709 Gr 36,50,50WGMAW 2/17/2023 Joel Hernandez
FilletSRCWPS-008 1/16"3A709 Gr 36,50 TO A240 Gr304,304LGTAW 5/10/2023 Joel Hernandez
FilletSRCWPS-010 5/16"1A709 ,36 ,50 GMAW 7/9/2021 Kevin Collins
FilletSRCWPS-011 ASTM A709 Gr 50WGMAW Company Procedure SRCWPS-011 will expire Jan. 31 next year 1/16/2020
FilletSRCWPS-027 1/2" A709 Gr 36,50,50WGMAW 6/28/2023 Joel Hernandez
TC-U5-GFSRCWPS-028 A709 Gr 36,50,50WGMAW 4/3/2023 Joel Hernandez
BTC-P5-GFSRCWPS-037 A709 Gr 36,50,50WGMAW 6/5/2023 Joel Hernandez